Executive Pride

Advancing Workplace Equality

Who We Are

Executive Pride is the LGBTQ workplace equality organization.

What We Do

By creating a powerful network of companies, business leaders and employees, Executive Pride unifies and amplifies the voice for LGBTQ equal rights in business and beyond.

Why It Matters

Although LGBTQ equality still doesn't exist in America, businesses are in a uniquely influential position to act as a catalyst for positive change.

Why We're Different

Through it's Pride Inside initiative, Executive Pride harnesses the collective power of the business community to ensure LGBTQ equality in the workplace and beyond.

What Is Pride Inside?

Pride Inside is a multifaceted initiative – media, social media, mentoring, etc. – focused on creating uncompromising LGBTQ equality in the workplace while holding communities and other stakeholders accountable to ensure equality exists everywhere in America.

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