A Shout Out for National Give OUT Day

According to the Horizon Foundation’s research, not even 5% of LGBT people give financial support to LGBT non-profit organizations. Give Out Day is a 24-hour period dedicated to donating money to specifically LGBT non-profits.

After the Orlando shooting at Pulse Night Club, Executive Pride was one of the largest donors to the Orlando Victim Relief Fund, a time when family and friends in the Orlando area were in need of immediate support. Give Out Day is a time for us to remember that LGBT organizations are always in need of financial support, not just in times of tragedy. Executive Pride, a network of corporate executives advocating for LGBT rights in the workforce, backs LGBT organizations in times of tragedy and everyday support.

The LGBT community, and friends, should remember that we are fighting for a place to feel safe and equal 365 days a year. Take some time today to explore the hundreds of small, medium and large LGBT organizations that provide safety, comfort and support to our community all year.